Sean Webster Band

Photo credits: Walter Vanheuckelom

It all started when…

… a 14 year old boy was introduced to guitar based music by a school friend. Sean became instantly hooked on the instrument and began researching as many influences as he could. All the blues greats; the Kings (Albert, BB and Freddie), Collins, Cray, alongside Moore, Knopfler, Lang and of course the reason Sean says he plays guitar…. Eric Clapton. Music from that point became Sean’s main focus in life. He would cycle 20 kms to watch friends rehearse in a band, which after some time he became the singer of: Journeymen. Years later and through various incarnations, The Sean Webster band was formed. This itself has had a few line-up changes over the years, but Sean believes change can only be a good thing in the end: “I’m not the greatest fan of change at the beginning because I like things to run smooth, but it also forces you to learn, evaluate and ultimately re-shape what you already have. Keeping it fresh!”

Sean has toured many countries such as The Netherlands, France, Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg, The United Kingdom, Finland, Poland and The U.S.A. playing festivals and venues throughout.

He has also appeared on national FOX TV in Austin Texas, recorded live sessions for BBC radio 2 and appeared for interviews on many regional radio and TV shows.

Sean  will release his new live album ‘ Three Nights Live’ September 2nd 2019, but the album is available for pre-order from July 1st 2019. Recorded on March 21st at Bootleggers, Kendal, March 23rd Mainsforth Community Centre, Ferryhill and March 24th Legion Blues Club, Poynton. More info about the new album: Three Nights Live . You can order the album at

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